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How To Deal With Asbestos In The Home

Asbestos is still killing people. Workers die every year due to exposure to the substance. People should be aware that asbestos could be present in any structure built or remodeled before 2000. The naturally occurring substance was used in building supplies for years. This was long before the danger was discovered. Exposure makes one more likely to develop lung disease. The most common diseases attributed to exposure are lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis.

People who suspect they have asbestos in their home should call an inspector. Asbestos was used in roofing materials and vinyl floor tiles. Other places the substance can be found include:

some paints
automobile parts
heat-resistant fabrics

Experts say asbestos does not present a problem unless it is disturbed. For example, individuals should not remodel their home without inspecting for asbestos. Often, asbestos removal companies will send out someone to inspect the property. If asbestos is found it may need to be removed. Contractors repair asbestos in a couple of different ways. Often, the material is treated with a substance that coats the asbestos fibers. Further, some companies enclose asbestos by placing material over and around it. On the other hand, removal is required when asbestos is damaged. Older material may be crumbling and it is too dangerous to move it.

Asbestos removal is a very hazardous job. Workers need to wear protective suits, goggles, masks and gloves. If the asbestos is crumbling, it needs to be sprayed to moisten it. Wetting the material causes less fibers to release in the air. The contractor needs to make sure that everyone else stays away from the work-site. Also, the work site needs to be isolated from the rest of the building. When the job is complete, all materials and uniforms need to be disposed of properly. Additionally, the area needs to be cleaned thoroughly with machines with hepa filters. The best advice for homeowners is to have the house inspected before doing any major work. Further, use experienced professionals to remove asbestos. One should never try to handle asbestos on their own. This only increases a family's risks of exposure.